2023-2024 Staff List

Office Staff Name Voicemail Email Website
Principal Andy Schrant 303-982-2034 [email protected] Go to Website
Enrollment Secretary Denise Wagner 303-982-1797 [email protected]
Principal’s Secretary Danielle Zarate 303-982-7532 [email protected]
Dean Tommy Chase 303-982-7941 [email protected]
Health Aide Becca Higgins 303-982-7521 [email protected] Go to Website
Student Age Enrichment Director Brandi Cowles 303-982-4798 [email protected]
Teachers Name Voicemail Email Website
Kindergarten Sherry Becker 303-982-3000 Go to
Kindergarten Jessica DiCroce 303-982-7554 [email protected] Go to
Kindergarten Katie Sonnkalb 303-982-5156 [email protected] Go to
Kindergarten Andrew McConnell 303-982-3931 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 1 Krista Johnson 303-982-2887 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 1 Laurey Mattox 303-982-4591 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 1 Emily Noone 303-982-1598 [email protected] Go to
Grade 1 Elizabeth Weis 303-982-7561 [email protected] Go to We
Grade 2 Britney Anderson 303-982-7501 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 2 Amy Carmack 303-982-7522 [email protected] Go to
Grade 2 Dawn Ramirez 303-982-7455 [email protected] Go to
Grade 2 Dawnelle Thome 303-982-1115 Go to Website
Grade 3 Barbara Beasley 303-982-0590 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 3 Kerry Daugherty 303-982-8676 [email protected] Go to
Grade 3 Matt Krapfl 303-982-9085 [email protected] Go to
Grade 3 Sidney Ferris 303-982-7728 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 4 Sami Cook No VM [email protected] Under Development
Grade 4 Clare Eisinger 303-982-7214 [email protected] Go to
Grade 4 Alyson Harrell 303-982-7267 [email protected] Go to
Grade 4 Alexandra Rossi 303-982-2086 Alexandra.Rossi
Go to
Grade 5 Barbaro Baros 303-982-6220 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 5 Jillian Jacobs 303-982-7533 Jillian.Jacobs
Go to
Grade 5 Taylor Luedtke 303-982-9788 [email protected] Go to Website
Grade 5 Jacqueline Roberts 303-982-7523 [email protected] Go to
AN Primary Gina Carson 303-982-1315 [email protected]
AN Intermediate Mark White 303-982-
Instructional Coach Kristen Olson 303-982-6185 Kristen.Olson

Digital Teacher Librarian Amy O’Neill 303-982-5386 [email protected] Go to
Art Aimee Hammer 303-982-7515 [email protected] Go to
Music Janelle Jerman 303-982-7520 [email protected] Go to
P.E. Melissa Squiers 303-982-8890 [email protected] Go to
STEM Kathleen Corley 303-982-3675 [email protected] Go to Website
Band Ilse Reardon 303-902-3069 [email protected] Go to
Orchestra Beth Letendre 303-982-7815 [email protected] Go to
Social Worker Amanda Nieukirk 303-982-7516 [email protected] Go to
Social Emotional Learning Specialist Skye Clark 303-982-2011 [email protected]
 Learning Specialist  Gina Borrego  303-982-5443  [email protected]  
Learning Specialist Sarah Dahlberg 303-982-2090 [email protected]
Learning Specialist Tara Gray 303-982-7102 [email protected] Go to Website
Speech Language Pathologist Kristin Michie 303-982-2831 [email protected]
Psychologist Beth Collins 303-982-2168 [email protected]
ESL Aryn Jones 303-982-3373 [email protected]
Physical Therapist Julianne Fair No VM [email protected]
Student/Staff Support Name Voicemail Email Website
Cafeteria Manager Paula Busby 303-982-7530 Paula.Busby
Cafeteria Assistant Sara Hood No VM [email protected]
Facilities Manager Brittany Stollsteimer 303-982-7505 Brittany.Stollsteimer
Custodian No VM
Custodian No VM
Paraprofessional Judy Sigg no VM Judy.Sigg
Paraprofessional Penny Brophy no VM Penny.Brophy
Paraprofessional Shelley Pierce no VM Shelley.Pierce
Paraprofessional Leeann Acklin no VM [email protected]
Paraprofessional   no VM
Trails Para Shirlene Meckelburg no VM [email protected]
Paraprofessional Brianna Bauman no VM [email protected]
Paraprofessional Matthew Couch no VM [email protected]
Paraprofessional Andrea Thompson no VM [email protected]
Paraprofessional Christine Simpson no VM [email protected]
Paraprofessional Stefani Bowerman no VM [email protected]
Trails Para Madeline Robinson No VM
School and Family Liaison Lisa Denton No VM [email protected]
Technology Aide Jennifer Holton no VM [email protected]
Tutor Katie Bauer no VM [email protected]
GT Teacher Deb Simpson no VM [email protected]

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